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  • Advocacy
    Advocating for transparency, accountability and public participation
  • Capacity Building
    Enhancing capacities to fight corruption in Afghanistan
  • Community Based Monitoring of Infrastructure (CBM-I)
    Promoting public accountability in construction sector
  • Community Based Monitoring of Extractives (CBM-E)
    Empowering Communities and promoting good governance for extractives
  • Community Based Monitoring of Schools (CBM-S)
    Improving quality of education through community engagement
  • Community Based Monitoring of Trial (CBM-T)
    Empowering communities to increase transparency of courts
    Assessing quality and effectiveness of reconstruction projects
  • Research
    Creating knowledge for anti-corruption
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Prerequisite: Before you start, we recommend you use an existing OAuth 2.0 library, or one of our Pleaser Womens Taboo701T/C/CHHP Sandal Clear/Hot Pink Patent 0DEWLlPAu


So you want to authenticate your app to access a user’s Vimeo content via the Vimeo API. Cool. The Vimeo API uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate applications, so all you need to do is:

Note: If you want to embed your own videos on your own website (and only use Vimeo for transcoding and hosting services), you do not need to use the API to authenticate your application. All you need to do is generate a new token from your hunpta Women Flip Flops Hollow Wedge High Heel Shoes Ladies Summer Sandals Black BvJRF8T
and include it in your application. This is a special case in which you are both the end-user and the application owner. And because you’re special, you can skip the rest of this document.

Authentication Workflow

Vimeo API applications need to provide authentication information using one of the following two OAuth 2.0 workflows:

Generate unauthenticated tokens

To get an unauthenticated access token, you should make an HTTP POST request to , along with an authorization header and some parameters.

You can build the authorization header with your client ID and client secret:

Note: Vimeo will automatically delete tokens that have not been used for an extended period of time. If your API calls are months apart you might need to create a new token.

Generate authenticated tokens

Send your user to Vimeo

The first step of the redirect process is to send the user's client (browser) to vimeo.com. This is generally accomplished by providing the authorize URL as a link on a web page.

The user will have the option to accept or deny your app’s request to access their account, and to deny any of the scopes you requested (except for public).

Note: When the user clicks the link, they must first log in to Vimeo to authenticate their identity unless they are already logged in.

Implicit Grant Workflow

Once the user has accepted your app in the implicit grant workflow they will be immediately redirected to your with three values in the URL fragment (after the #)


If your is , your final redirect may look something like this:

Note: Parameters added to your redirect url will be respected, but the fragment will be stripped out. will become

Once you have the token from the Implicit grant you are ready to go. Refer to Making Requests for how to use the token to make API requests. If you are using the Authorization Grant, please refer to the docs on the Authorization Grant .

Authorization Grant Workflow

If the user accepts your app, they are redirected to your redirect_uri along with two query parameters:

Exchange the code for an access token

When the user returns to your site, you must exchange the code for your access token. Make an HTTP POST request to with your authorization header, and the following parameters.

The authorization header can be built with your client id and client secret:

Receiving the Access Token in the Authentication Response

If the authorization is valid, the API will send a final authentication response containing the access token along with some additional fields. Now the application is authorized! It may use the token to access the user's account via the Vimeo API, limited to the actions allowed by the token FANTASIA BOUTIQUE ® FLV002 Jenny Two Tone Moccasin Leather Snake Print Loafer Flats Shoes Black gegwgYM9l3
, until the token expires or is revoked.

Note: Vimeo will automatically delete tokens that have not been used for an extended period of time. If your API calls are months apart you might need to create a new token.

Best Practices

Making Requests

After you have either an authenticated or unauthenticated access token (as explained in the preceding sections), send the access token through the authorization header:

If your access token only has the public scope you can use the query string parameter instead of the authorization header

Supported Scopes

Choose your authentication workflow:

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is a shell script that is invoked during mkosi's build logic. All it does is invoke make and make install to build and install our little daemon, and afterwards it extends the distribution-supplied /etc/os-release file with an additional field that describes our portable service a bit.

Let's now use this to build the portable service image. For that we use the Mens Shoes Feifei Winter Sports Leisure Keep Warm Plate Shoes 3 Colors Color Brown Size EU44/UK10/CN46 gAXg0UhHV
tool. It's sufficient to invoke it without parameter to build the first image: it will automatically discover mkosi.default and mkosi.build which tells it what to do. (Note that if you work on a project like this for a longer time, mkosi -if is probably the better command to use, as it that speeds up building substantially by using an incremental build mode). mkosi will download the necessary RPMs, and put them all together. It will build our little daemon inside the image and after all that's done it will output the resulting image: walkthroughd_1.raw .

Because we opted to build a GPT raw disk image in mkosi.default this file is actually a raw disk image containing a GPT partition table. You can use fdisk -l walkthroughd_1.raw to enumerate the partition table. You can also use systemd-nspawn -i walkthroughd_1.raw to explore the image quickly if you need.

Now that we have a portable service image, let's see how we can attach, enable and start the service included within it.

First, let's attach the image:

The command will show you exactly what is has been doing: it just copied the main service file out, and added the two drop-ins, as expected.

Let's see if the unit is now available on the host, just like a regular unit, as promised:

Nice, it worked. We see that the unit file is available and that systemd correctly discovered the two drop-ins. The unit is neither enabled nor started however. Yes, attaching a portable service image doesn't imply enabling nor starting. It just means the unit files contained in the image are made available to the host. It's up to the administrator to then enable them (so that they are automatically started when needed, for example at boot), and/or start them (in case they shall run right-away).

Let's now enable and start the service in one step:

Let's check if it's running:

Perfect! We can see that the service is now enabled and running. The daemon is running as PID 45003.

Now that we verified that all is good, let's stop, disable and detach the service again:

And finally, let's see that it's really gone:

Perfect! It worked!

I hope the above gets you started with Portable Services. If you have further questions, please contact WONDERHEEL 7 Stiletto Metal Heel Pointed Toe Sexy Fetish Gold Patent Back Lacing Crotch Boots yxYz72TTz5

A more low-level document explaining details is shipped along with systemd .

You'll also get the latest version of the Rock and Roll with Ember.js 2 book (running in 2.18), just in case.

Minor updates every 6 weeks

As Ember releases a new minor version about every 6 weeks, so do I. Pay once for the book, get all the updates for free until Ember 4.0.

Pay once for the book, get all the updates for free
Deals that rock your world

A 30-day free EmberMap subscription, a 30-day extended trial period for Percy and a discounted "Unlimited Plus Projects" Surge plan . A $29 + $75 + $6/mo value .

. A $29 + $75 + $6/mo value
60-day money-back guarantee

Comes with no strings attached. Get it? No strings 🎸 attached. Sorry.


I have to say Balint has done an outstanding job with his ebook. The product and his most excellent support and follow-through (including regular updates to the content) have all felt seamless and caring from the customer’s end . A class act all around.

— Bryan Lewis

We at Foot Locker Europe find your book hugely valuable and use it to ramp-up new hires.

— Dennis Mende
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Need multiple copies for your team? Lauren Ralph Lauren Elissa Ii Flip Flop Navy JneRDN

Bonus 2: The Percy deal

VogueZone009 Womens Closed Toe Round Toe High Heels PU Frosted Assorted Colors Pumps Purple 3 UK J11Tb2qLjq
is a top-notch visual testing service, making sure that your site doesn't break visually when you refactor code/CSS or release new features. Buying any package gives you an extended, 30-day free trial to Percy (a >$79 value)

The Encore book

The Encore book will cover topics that take you from a well-grounded Ember developer to a rock star. Rock star? Gosh, did I really say rock star? It'd be really fitting here but it's such a non-sense. I meant someone who not only knows the basics but also masters deeper Ember subjects. Like what - you might ask?

The book will have the following 5 chapters : Data Loading Patterns , Contextual Components , Services , Advanced Ember Data (adapters serializers), and Progressive Web Applications . It is subject to some change, but not a lot. The expected publication date of the book is sometime in the summer of 2018.

Jimi Hendrix Package

If you want to go beyond the basics of Ember and learn about more complex Ember topics, this package is for you. It contains:

17 chapters
Minor updates every 6 weeks
Deals that rock your world
60-day money-back guarantee
5 extra chapters

If you want to go beyond the basic riffs, that is the book you want. Learn more about it Pleaser Womens Deluxe634RS/DGYS Platform Sandal Dark Grey Suede UosoKcAZy
, in the previous section

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Started in 2002 by Darren Broadley and Martin Parkinson, Influence delivers recruitment software either as a cloud application or as part of a fully managed hosted desktop experience.

Influence Recruitment Software is simple to use, but incredibly powerful.

We offer solutions for every type of recruitment business. Whether you are a Permanent Recruiter, a Contract Recruiter, a Retained Search Consultancy or Temp Agency, we have the perfect solution for you.


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